Godmaker, The Book of Aloneness, The Book of Remembrance, Chandala, Forgotten Words,The Book of Intentions, The Book of Insistence
The Book of Longing, The Book of Sorrow, The Unthought, The Book of Distance, The Book of Books, The Book of Words, The Book of Darkness

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Imagine if you could revisit life and travel back and forth in time, simply by putting yourself into a deep and meditative trance. That’s just what happens during nightly prayers when a monk puts himself in this state, surrounded by incense and candle flames. The evening provides both a personal chasm and a refuge to long-held doubts, self-discovery and suppressed anger. As he begins his trance, he thinks, “The mind has no escape from itself. The mind is its own escape.” In Godmaker, the story’s central figure, Necodem, explores his relationship to God, the decisions that have affected his life, and the world around him. Meditation gives him the gift of time to fully contemplate tragic deaths, lust, family, beauty and love. Read more

About Vasile Munteanu

Vasile Munteanu was born in Romania and moved to the United States as a teenager. He holds advanced degrees in both Literature and Philosophy from Oakland University in Michigan and State University of New York at Binghamton respectively.
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Excerpt from the Book

The room was small and shallow, almost as dark as loss. Assorted icons inhaled the reek of incense that burned an aimless smoke. His eyes were intermittently gazing at the bluish-white candle flames that flickered softly between light and darkness, in a space smaller than yesterday. Read more

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